Artist Profile

Tasos Rallis

Born 1958, Athens, Greece.

Artist Profile

Tasos Rallis

Born 1958, Athens, Greece.

He taught drawing at the school of I.Economidou. Studied ceramics at the ceramics school of Marousi with teachers: A.Makaris, M.Papadopoulos and E.Papaioannnou.

He attended seminars on:

  • HIGH SALT by Richard Laumder
  • PAPER KILN by Aline Fayre
  • RAKU TECHNIQUE by Th. Chorafa – K. Tarkassis
  • ARCHITECTURAL CERAMICS by Setsuko Nagasawa
  • PAPER CLAY by Rosette Gault

In February 1986 he started his own workshop were creates works that express his feelings, thoughts, concerns.

Most of his works are made of “naked” masses of clay, gres porcelain red without special color effects, a game with the property of mass to record even the smallest detail of all the pressures it receives from the tools, hands and highlights without losing the shape – outline.

Thus, the body-form captures the light for a while before spreading it to the environment around it.

Giving person and body to a feeling or a thought is for him a favorite game of expression.

It is as if he works with it, absorbing it, even for a while.

The compositions with clay, bronze, aluminum, wire, wood and marble are structured so that each material has its own course.

The themes of his pieces are personalized thoughts and feelings.

Giving a face and a body, to a feeling or a thought is for him one of his favorite games of expression.

1987, 1988, 1989

Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition


1990, 1991, 1992

Modern Ceramists’ Exhibition

Athens, Thessaloniki, Markopoulo and Rafina


Art Exhibition



Canadian – Greek Ceramics Symposium in Banff Centre for the Arts


Banff Gallery



Greek – Canadian Ceramics Symposium in Margarites


Crete Exhibition at the Centre of Culture



Crete and at the Vorre Museum


1998, 1999, 2000

Art Exhibition at the Anetopoulos Museum


2000, 2001

Pan-Hellenic Ceramics Exhibition


2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

Group Art Exhibitions of Western Athens


Design – Creation of the Innovation Award of Cyprus