1) Credit card – Debit card.

A modern, secure way for online payments and money transfers. It is not necessary to maintain an account at Viivawallet, as you can also complete your payment as guest. The Vivawallet accepts all credit cards Visa, Mastercard, Diners, Amex with the possibility of interest-free installments.

Your credit card details are not accessible from our online store or stored in any way, so you need to re-register each time you use your credit card for transactions through this page.

If your credit card is in a different name than your shipping address, then you need to send a credit card holder’s identity / passport image file to

2) Deposit into a bank account.

You can write your full name as cause of payment, and the name of beneficiary that will appear is “Christos N. Iliakopoulos & Son O.E.”. For the faster processing of your order, you should also send us the receipt of payment either by e-mail at or you can call us in order to inform us about the transaction.

By transferring / depositing the total amount of your purchases, including shipping costs. Transfer costs between different banks are entirely charged to the client for both banks (OUR option). You will execute the order if the net deposit amount appears in the following accounts:

IBAN : GR37 0171 6270 0066 2710 7192 951


By paying the price of your order when delivering the product to the chosen location. The charge is additionally charged and applies only to shipments within Greece.

By choosing this form of payment, it is necessary to register a fixed telephone to confirm the order.

NOTE: For special constructions and personalized gifts upon request (such as engraving on items), discounting your order is valid and no refunds are accepted.

You have the option to choose whether the payment of the products will take place by issuing a retail receipt or an invoice. The invoice is issued to companies or freelancers, provided they fill in the required fields in the course of their order.

The maximum amount for pay on delivery is € 400.

The company reserves the right to reject any order. In this case, the total amount paid to the customer is refunded.